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PubhD is a monthly, free event that brings together the public, researchers and students in Cork to hear talks from a wide range of disciplines. Researchers, PhD and Masters students are welcome to share their work in ten-minute presentations, with an additional 20 minutes for friendly questions and answers. It was established by two non-academics working in Nottingham during 2014, since then its network has expanded to over 20 cities, across five different countries. It is a fantastic opportunity to share your research with a non-specialist audience, to test new ideas ahead of a conference, and to meet students from the other universities. So what do you need to present your research?


Billy McCarthy

Founder & Co-Organiser
Billy is a PhD student in Teagasc and founder of PubhD Cork. His research concerns inorganic contamination of food systems, and the development of remediation techniques applicable to industrial processing.
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