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PubhD Dublin is a monthly, free event that brings together PhD students from universities & colleges from all over Ireland across a range of disciplines to share their work in ten-minute presentations, with an additional 20 minutes for friendly questions and answers. Masters, undergraduates and general public usually join too because it’s good fun. We currently have PubhD in four locations in Ireland. There is currently PubhD events in Dublin, Galway, Cork & Waterford. PubhD was established by two non-academics working in Nottingham during 2014, since then its network has expanded to over 20 cities, across five different countries. It is a fantastic opportunity to share your research with a non-specialist audience, to test new ideas ahead of a conference, and to meet students from the other universities. So what do you need to present your research?

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PubhD Ireland brings together the best minds in the country to share their research and ideas to audience of both the general public and academics alike.


This unique event offers fantastic place to meet new people and have fascinating discussions and even share ideas in a relaxed environment.


PubhD is a casual, friendly event held in a pub to provide a relaxed atmosphere and provides refreshments and snacks from the audience.

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"PubhD is an excellent forum for getting to talk about your research to a mixed & lay audience. While very often, our work permits us to disseminate our research findings at meetings and conferences relevant to our field of work in amore formal setting, PubhD was an excellent opportunity to talk about my research in lung cancer in a relaxed, informal environment. It was a fun, relaxed evening with a friendly audience and a few drinks. I would highly recommend this to all. Give it a go!"

Dr Martin Barr
Cancer Researcher

"I would highly recommend speaking at PubhD if you are interested in sharing your work with wider audiences! Research should be made publicly accessible and that’s exactly what PubhD does! The audience were great and had lots interesting questions which resulted in a great discussion after my talk. If you like to share your passion for your work, this is a really fun experience!"

Niamh Clarke
Healthcare Researcher

"I thoroughly enjoyed speaking about my research at this quirky, fun and highly addictive monthly event. I really liked the novelty aspect of explaining my PhD research in a pub setting with no powerpoint. I found the crowd interested, the questions thought provoking and it definitely helped my presentation skills. I highly recommend taking part as well as being an audience member. I have learnt so much about so many topics while on a great night out with peers."

Karen Ward
Counselling Researcher

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PubhD Dublin Story

PubhD Dublin was launched on April 1st 2015, at the Stag’s Head pub in Dublin city centre, by Dr Rebecca O’Neill. Despite a modest crowd of approximately 15 people, PubhD Dublin would grow month-by-month to become a popular monthly event for PhD students, professionals and research enthusiasts alike. It would also lay the groundwork for a network of PubhD events across the country and the to formation of PubhD Ireland. In 2016, a new team of three researchers and students took on the responsibility of organizing PubhD, and are still doing so to this day. 

PubhD Dublin over its past three years has been host to some of the top researchers in the country, as well as international speakers. We have heard possibly the most diverse range of research topics from English Literature to Astrophysics, Religion and the latest in Nano-medicine by a host of speakers from various universities and institution. Each month bringing new and wonderful ideas, providing great thought provoking for the audience to discuss. We would like to thank the speakers and audience who have supported us throughout the years, and we hope to see the PubhD community continue to thrive.

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