Controlling hamster cells, the workhorse of the biopharmaceutical industry

by Ricardo ValdĂ©s-Bango Curell, PhD student at the Dublin City University (Dublin PubhD, November 2018) Hamster Cells are key for the biopharmaceutical industry as they can be grown in a bioreactor to produce biopharmaceutical drugs. Those cells can be genetically modified to enhance their productive characteristics thus potentially lowering the cost of manufacturing advanced drugs. Chinese […]

REMEDIATE the solution to soil pollution?

by Peter Brennan, Early Stage Researcher at the Dublin City University (Dublin PubhD, April 2018) Increased industrialisation and production is linked to higher levels of pollution, and still society continues its industrial and urban growth, producing more greenhouse gases and hazardous waste year after year. Environmental regulations are becoming more demanding, and now planning permission […]