The PubhD Story

PubhD was the brainchild of two research enthusiasts in Nottingham, who wondered if they offered to buy the local PhD students from the University of Nottingham, a few pints would they in exchange present their research. This is how the premise of PubhD was born, back on the 22nd of January 2014. Soon after a format was developed to give this event more structure, it was simple three researchers from any academic discipline would explain their work in a pub to the general public, in a friendly approachable manner.

The talks are typically ten minutes in length, without powerpoint aids, although other props and visual aids were allowed, then be followed by a short Q&A by the audience. This format has had a profound impact as it not only challenges the speaker’s presenting skills, it also offers the added challenge of engaging an audience with the aid of slides. 

PubhD quickly spread across the UK and then to Ireland it has even reached Portugal, Belgium, France, Finland and even reaching the continent of Africa with a PubhD in Rwanda. PubhD has become an international sensation because of its simple ideology of sharing research with both the general public and other academics in a straightforward, easily understood style. Many of the speakers have praised the PubhD format and said it offers experience as it helps them to develop greater verbal competency whilst presenting and enhances their engagement skills. 

PubhD Dublin was launched on April 1st 2015, at the Stag’s Head pub in Dublin city centre, by Dr Rebecca O’Neill. Despite a modest crowd of approximately 15 people, PubhD Dublin would grow month-by-month to become a popular monthly event for PhD students, professionals and research enthusiasts alike. It would also lay the groundwork for a network of PubhD events across the country and the to formation of PubhD Ireland. In 2016, a new team of researchers and students took on the responsibility of organising PubhD, and are still doing so to this day.

In 2017, word of PubhD started to spread throughout Ireland with branches popping up in both Cork and Galway. PubhD Cork kicked off its first event on the 8th March 2018 and has experienced great success ever since. A few days after, on the 12th March, PubhD Galway started off in Massimo Bar in Galway City. With both of these branches still going strong, PubhD Ireland continued to grow with more branches forming in Limerick and Waterford.  

PubhD Ireland over the past three years has been host to some of the top researchers in the country, as well as international speakers. We have heard possibly the most diverse range of research topics from English Literature to Astrophysics, Religion, Culinary Arts and the latest in Nanomedicine by a host of speakers from various universities and institutions. Each month bringing new and wonderful ideas, providing great thought provoking for the audience to discuss. We would like to thank the speakers and audience who have supported us throughout the years, and we hope to see the Irish PubhD community continue to thrive.